Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to Save a Few Bucks, Naturally

This past week, I went on an coupon adventure because I am so frustrated with receiving TONS of great coupons all the time, yet throwing 98% of them away. Why? 

Instead of Oscer Meyer or Kraft Cheese, we buy Applegate Naturals.

Instead of Tilex/Clorox/Tide, we buy Seventh Generation or I make it homemade.

Instead of Pantene Pro-V, we buy Jason or some other equivalent w/o parabens, petroleum, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, phthalates, etc.

Instead of Gillette or Colgate, we buy Kiss My Face.

Get my drift? Mainstream coupons do not benefit what most consider an "alternative" lifestyle. If you choose the same health-conscious path for you and your family, you know it is definitely not cheaper and we could use a break here and there!

Well, get ready to shriek in excitement because I found a diamond in the ruff!

Please say hello to!

You basically buy eco-conscious, natural, socially responsible products and then add their "bonus" codes right from the product onto your account and spend your points as you wish. How do I want to spend mine?

Here is the sentence that got me hooked: "Socially responsible products can be harder to fit into your budget. We'd like to change that. When you join EcoBonus, you get access to special coupons and offers from product manufacturers."

They also have a catalog with great products and even charities that you are able to delegate your points towards. In one word: phenomenal. Why didn't I think of this?

Definitely using mine toward coupons from manufactures like: Crystal, Kiss My Face, Dr. Bronners, Mrs. Meyer's, Coconut Bliss, and so much more!

Obtaining free coupons from products I already buy anyway made my week. What about yours?

Happy Couponing!


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