Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo a Day - Week 1

Love this. I know it's older, but it was the perfect UP photo. Couldn't resist.

For me, this was an easy photo to get because I eat fruit every day! I love it! Favorite, couldn't tell you... least favorite - apples! 

Clay and I love to take Memphis down to this section of our complex. It's beautiful and Memphis gets his energy out! He loves getting into the river too.

I decided to start reading for fun again and started with the Time Quintet. I have enjoyed reading the books so much and am glad to say that I have read A Wrinkle in Time! 

Do I really need to say more? He is marvelous. 

Does anyone else laugh out loud continually during this show? Barbra Jean and Van crack me up!! One of these days, I hope to own the box set.

Like the uh, tiger markings on my shoes!? 
Memphis thought they needed a little texture.
Wanna know what these photos are all about?

Danielle Jones