Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy 80th Papaw!


This past weekend, I traveled to Memphis with my aunt and cousin to surprise my Papaw for his 80th birthday! We had a wonderful trip...even if we did stay only a day!
Here is what we did:

First, we ate a wonderful lunch at The Trolley Stop Market with family. Then, we celebrated the big day with dinner at Abuelos. Naturally :)


The food was terrific, atmosphere relaxing, service outstanding, and the evening was well spent with loved ones. What a memorable time! Thank you John for taking such great care of my family, celebrating 80 years of a wonderful life. 

Here is to you Papaw! God has blessed you with so many talents. I'm thankful for being able to enjoy your work right here in my home and the love each piece represents.  You are an inspiration!

Happy Birthday!! I love you!

Danielle Jones

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  1. Looks like ya'll had an awesome time! I loved all your pictures! I've only been to Trolley Stop once, but really liked it!