Friday, February 17, 2012

Still Rockin' V-Day

Clayton and I celebrated Valentines Day last night due to his midterms and my cranky wisdom tooth. Last year, he was super sweet and got me my FAVORITE animated movie, Up. If you haven't seen it, please do yourself a favor and watch it! It'll make you cry,  laugh and dream of growing old with your best friend. 
So, this year, he continued with the movie theme and bought me Lady and the Tramp! I was so excited because I dropped a couple hints when I saw the commercials and he got it! Such a great listener. 
I have this thing... when I am oober excited about something, I CANNOT wait to open it. Even if I can't use it right away. I do this all the time grocery shopping. Unfortunately, because of this obsession... some groceries sadly never make it home. 
Of course, I began opening the DVD right away. Were we going to watch it right then a there? Nope. Were balloons and pixie dust going to fly out of the box upon opening and congratulate me on a Magical Disney trip? Nope... but that would have been pretty darn cool! 
I found the Disney Rewards code sheet and shrieked like a five year old girl. Come on, I'm getting close to 1000 points!
But then something magical did happen... Clay asked me what kind of version the DVD was. I thought for a second and answered... "Uuummm... Blue-Ray?" Where was this going?
"Yes, but what kind?"
I took a second look and then noticed the top of the box, which stated, "Diamond Edition." 
Gulp... yes, folks it happened. 
As the words were leaving my mouth, Clayton reached in his pocket and pulled out an 
absolutely gorgeous set of diamond earrings! 
I couldn't believe it. I have always wanted a pair and these are my first! My excitement is greater today than it was yesterday because the shock has worn off. A little. 
Now I know how Gollum feels.
Naturally, the evening continued with a wonderful Italian dinner at Cafe Prego.

Visiting Atlanta? Go get you some Prego and I don't mean out of a glass jar. The atmosphere brings you into a little piece of Italy, the food is great, and the service was authentic and kind. 
Thank you to my adorable, bright, caring, delightful, encouraging, fabulous, gifted, handsome, intelligent, jocular, kind, lovable, marvelous, nice, outstanding, powerful, quiet, romantic, sexy, talented, unique, valuable, wonderful, xenophilic, youthful, zingy husband. Your my greatest treasure and I love you!

Danielle Jones


  1. yay! you deserve every penny of them! You shine brighter than even those!

    1. You are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words :)

  2. Love those earrings! The way he gave them to you was so cute!

    1. Thank you! Lady and the Tramp will never be the same!