Saturday, September 17, 2011

Calling All Pie Enthusiasts

Do you like pie?
Better Question: Do you BAKE pie? OR Know anyone who BAKES pie?
If so, would you mind sharing your (or someone else’s) yummy creation with me so that I can use it as my lucky charm?
Seriously ... my apartment complex is having a Cobbler & Pie Bake-Off, October 1. 
Wanna know what the winner gets?
A DISCOUNT on RENT for ONE month!!
Worth taking the time to scour the internet, pick people’s brains, and send out desperate pleas such as this?
I found a “Apple-Pear Praline Pie” that looks promising, but I wanna know what’cha got.
So, if it behooves you to share Great-Granny’s Apple Pie recipe or you have created a keeper of your own, drop a link or recipe below.
Thanks for being a Sweetie PIE!

Danielle Jones

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